Why You Owe Yourself a Microcurrent Face Lift

If you’re someone who wants to take their beauty to the next level, then you’ll appreciate what a microcurrent face lift can do for you. It might sound like a scary invasive procedure, but it’s actually just the use of blue and red light to help tone your skin. 

Let’s talk about it. 

What is a Microcurrent Face Lift?

It is often referred to as a natural face lift due to it being a safe and painless facial that helps get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has the ability to firm your skin and define your features like no other. 

Experiencing a microcurrent face lift can help improve your muscle tone, increase cellular activity, reduce puffiness, and tighten pores. No matter your age, this can help to provide you with healthier and younger looking skin. 

How it Works

A microcurrent face lift simply emits super low-voltage electrical currents, and these currents mirror your own body’s electrical currents. This allows the therapy to repair damaged skin while also helping to stimulate elastin and collagen production. You may have heard this process referred to as facial toning due to the fact that it is essentially a workout for your face. Old skin is broken down to make room for new and stronger skin, very similar to lifting weights. 

Who Should Get a Microcurrent Face Lift?

A microcurrent face lift is ideal for anyone who has a desire to improve the appearance of their skin. It can be effective for anti-aging as well as a preventative treatment since it covers so many bases. 

A microcurrent face lift is one of the least invasive and most powerful processes available to take your skin to the next level of beauty. 

What are the Benefits of a Microcurrent Face Lift?

One of the most amazing things about a microcurrent face lift is the fact that you can see results almost immediately. Within minutes of getting the treatment, you might notice that your skin is firmer, glowing, and more uplifted. Your skin will have an appearance of being more tight and hydrated. You’ll notice that your jawline looks more defined, your eyes look more youthful and refreshed, and your cheekbones will be more pronounced. 

How to Prepare for a Microcurrent Face Lift

As with any beauty treatment, the most important thing is to wash and cleanse your face properly. Use your favorite facial cleanser and try to start your treatment with a clean slate. 

You may wish to apply the Ultra Conductivity Gel primer which preps skin for treatment and allow your device to glide easily and comfortably over your skin. This gentle formula contains Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Witch Hazel Extract and Vitamin B5 to soothe and protect skin. The Ultra Conductivity Gel is an important first step before any EMS treatment to ensure your device delivers maximum microcurrent conductivity.

How to Perform a Microcurrent Face Lift

Now that you’ve made sure your face is clean and ready for treatment, it’s time to use the facial toning device. First, make sure it’s fully charged. When the facial toning device is fully charged, the red light will be solid instead of rotating. 

If you’re using the Techture Spark, you’ll be able to use its touch sensitive technology. This means that it will turn on when applied skin and turn off when removed. It is water-resistant so you can apply skin care products more effectively and amplify their benefits.

Simply apply the device to each desired area for about 3 minutes. Once you’ve completed the process, get ready to see some brilliant results.

Is There Such A Thing As A Pain-free Facelift?

If you panic at the bare thought of needles and cannot even consider going under the knife… then of course botox or any other surgical procedure are not even an option for you. But we all still want to get rid of those wrinkles or fine lines, right? You will never be happier than after reading this great news. There is indeed such a thing as a pain-free facelift! It will only require you as little as 5 minutes every day. At-home-facelift is not only possible but also affordable and practical. And most importantly, it fits your schedule and not the other way around. And we will tell you all about this.

Beauty is one of these essentials that, since it takes some time, and involves some routines that require to be repeated and maintained through time, we are tempted to leave aside in order to keep running. But innovations are now taking our hectic lives into account. Technology and science together can help us to achieve the fastest and most effective results. And today we know that we can use microcurrent therapy because it is based on the natural electricity that is present in our bodies. The new innovative beauty gadgets that mimic natural electricity stimulate facial muscles just like when we exercise. As a consequence, our face looks firmer and more toned. Another benefit is they activate biochemical reactions that boost elastin and collagen production. Two things that decrease as we age. And additionally, microcurrent therapy enhances blood flow. This science and tech combo results in a non-invasive, fast and pain-free facelift that we’ve all been dreaming of. 

The key is perseverance

At first, these new pain-free facelift devices were only available for aestheticians or dermatologists. But now FDA approved gadgets can be purchased by anyone and used at the comfort of your house. Although it is important to note that the intensity of the microcurrent devices used by professionals is a lot stronger than those used by regular consumers. The more you use these devices, the better are the results you obtain. But with great power, comes great responsibility. You need to stick to a routine and being consistent is the only way to get the results you’re looking for. Any device you choose for this microcurrent therapy will take at least 5 minutes a day. 5 minutes is such a little time to commit to, but you will need to repeat it three or four times a week, religiously.   So, to achieve good results with lower intensity gadgets you have to be consistent and show perseverance. It is truly like exercising and since results are cumulative and depend on a weekly routine. 

Invest a minute of your time to check out the new Spark Foton LED. This Techture Beauty’s light therapy device penetrates deeply into the skin to work on deep wrinkles and discoloration. Skin looks plumper and wrinkles seem to disappear while damage and blemishes shrink and fade…Painless, easy to use.
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How to Get Rid of Wrinkles at Home With At-home LED Therapy Gadgets

Innovation has hit the skincare industry with the new at-home LED Therapy gadgets. But we would have never guessed NASA Technology could impact our beauty routines. It looks like this new tech was proven to help regenerate skin wounds. 

There are mainly 2 treatments that can help us reverse time and damage for healthier glowing skin. Red light is mostly used to get rid of wrinkles while blue light is recommended to fight acne. The beauty of these LED Therapy gadgets is that they non-invasive and safe therapy since it doesn’t use ultraviolet rays. UV rays are the reason why we need to avoid sun exposure.

And the best part is LED light therapy gadgets are no longer restricted for professional use of dermatologists or aestheticians. They are available to all of us to be used from the comfort of our homes. It´s important to know that at-home devices are not as powerful as professional ones. This only means that it will take a bit more time and persistence to get the exact results. But having the flexibility of doing it on your own schedule makes it very easy to stick to a routine and use them consistently for excellent results. It is key to understand that the more you use these at-home LED Light Therapy gadgets, the bigger the transformation you will see on your skin. Within days most users notice blurred deep wrinkles and a more evened out skin tone. Devices that combine LED and microcurrent toning therapy have proven to be the most effective ones for antiaging. 

But amongst all available at home led light therapy gadgets, which one should you invest in? Techture Beauty is nowadays the leading company in these innovative devices. Spark Photon LED Beauty Tech by Techature Beauty uses red light. This helps stimulate collagen synthesis, an essential protein that we start lacking as we age. Collagen is crucial to keep your skin looking healthy, radiant, soft and young. If you feel subconscious about enlarged pores you will become addicted to it. The basics of what you need to know in order to choose wisely between Techture beauty devices is that red light ones are the wrinkle reducers. The effect of heating boosts the skin´s blood flow and collagen albumen hyperplasia. This reduces wrinkles and restores skin´s elasticity. The mild wave length is gentler and perfect for the more delicate areas such as crows feet and forehead. On the other hand, devices using blue light will help you vanish pimples and manage acne-prone skin. One of the most noticeable benefits of blue light is it calms down irritated skin and is ideal for sensitive and oily skin types. It reduces oil production and prevents clogged pores. What´s more, blue light therapy makes the skin a lot firmer. If your main skin concern is freckles, age and sun spots this device will be your best friend. 

Check out the wide variety of led therapy gadgets offered by Techture Beauty to understand more how these awesome technologies can enhance your skin.   
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Can wrinkle-reducing machines be trusted?

wrinkle-reducing machines

Yes, of course, wrinkle-reducing machines can be trusted! Beauty no longer equals pain. Great skin has never been more available for all of us ordinary mortals in search of the fountain of youth than now. So for those of us who faint just by imagining a needle, we couldn’t be living at more perfect time. You’ve probably dreamed about it and so have I. But who would have thought it would get here this soon. It’s no sci-fi or another episode of Black Mirror: wrinkle-reducing machines are here and everyone needs to understand there are science and tech developed by NASA backing these up. 

The same technology that is now available on affordable at-home wrinkle-reducing machines was originally and largely used by athletes in rehabilitation.

It consists of using a gentle current to stimulate muscle tissue. Unlike plastic surgery, botox or fillers this FDA approved technology has the advantage of being 100% non-invasive, low risk and having no side effects. But what people are most surprised to learn is that this technique reproduces the body’s own natural current. 

Think of it as a facial workout machine. Have you ever used body electrodes? Well, think of these devices, as something similar, but for your face. Microcurrent therapy acts by stimulating the muscles of the face. Hence, face muscles quickly recover memory naturally and go back to their original position. It is a kind of re-education of the facial muscles. And since the 32 facial muscles are more attached to the skin than the muscles of the rest of the body, when stimulated the result is an instant face-lift. Imagine as a bonus blurred wrinkles and radiant skin are the results. The biggest player in this new high tech beauty gadget industry is Techture Beauty.

We hear you, this is a lot to take in. And… there’s even more!

The wrinkle-reducing machines also work improving skin damaged by sunburn, acne, cellulite, and scarring. The concept behind these gadgets is perfect for anyone who wants to have great skin but is too busy or too broke to commit to periodic visits to the aesthetician. However, we can’t stress enough how consistent use and making this a part of your skincare routine makes all the difference. In fact, once you stop, you may partially lose the results achieved. So, not for the lazy ones, that’s for sure! But if you´re able to combine a good microcurrent device and good discipline, you can get the skin of your dreams in as little as 5 minutes per day.    

So, it sounds like the future of skincare is right here and not going anywhere. And available to take home with you. Scientific research that we’ve had available since the 70s is now combined with at-home devices that produce quick and, most importantly pain-free results at a fraction of the price of a visit to your aesthetician. The pain-free part is the one that sold me on this. The sooner you start the better the results. You have to try it to believe it. 

What is a microcurrent facial?

microcurrent facial

Just when you thought you’d try it all, the beauty and skincare industry is leaving us all in awe with a ton of new treatments, miracle ingredients, and innovative devices. Personally, this all sounded way too-good-to-be-true. Until I decided to try a microcurrent facial. Don’t get me wrong, I gave it a lot of thought because it sounded a bit scary to me at first.

Listen to this: a microcurrent facial uses a low-grade electrical current to give your facial muscles a workout.

Did they just recommend me to put electricity on my face? Seriously, who could blame me for feeling a little bit freaked out when I was first reading about it? 

The promised result got me hooked though: A more lifted, tightened, and firm skin. They got my interest right then and there and that kept me researching. Then I stumbled upon something that gave me that little push I needed: its nickname is the “non-invasive facelift”. Now we’re talking! If there’s one thing that gives me the chills more than electricity is needles… or the mere thought of going under the knife as my only alternative to youthful looks!

How it works…

As we age, our skin becomes a little bit lazy (or well maybe it’s just very tired after the long ride) and its collagen and elastin production starts going south. These two proteins (or the lack of) are responsible for the decay of our glowing youthful looks. And that’s when you look in the mirror and notice something is not looking right. The muscles on your face are being defeated by the force of gravity. We look tired, less contoured, a bit puffy and our skin is just dull. A little bit like what happens to our bodies. So the idea behind all this is that e need microcurrent facials as much as we need to exercise. We have to keep our muscles fit with regular workouts and muscle training… and sometimes we take a shortcut: electrodes. So, basically, just like we use current to stimulate the muscle of our abs and glutes, we can now go for a microcurrent facial and do the same for the muscles in our cheeks for instance!  Are you following me here? Don’t tell me this isn’t starting to sound genius to you too.  

This screams beauty hack, and I’m all in.

So I got the little courage I have and went for microcurrent facial to experience it first hand. It starts with low doses of current then increases gradually until you have the firmness you would like for the muscles in your face to be lifted. Periodic microcurrent facials have done miracles for my face. You only need one session per month. 

I know you’re starting to love the idea now… same happened to me. And, wait, it gets better. New innovations from companies such as Techture Beauty have made it possible and safe, to give yourself a microcurrent facial in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to drive anywhere, or book an appointment, or pay substantial amounts each month. Technology has made this FDA approved home devices possible, to take the future of your skin into your own hands. Bravo for that!

Is Red Light Good for Acne?

Red Light acne

In today’s post, we’re going to introduce you to the basics of red light for acne. So if acne seems like a lost battle to you, you’ve come to the right place.

Red light is one of the variations of Light Therapy.

Light therapy works through the exposure to specific wavelengths of light. The most usual treatment applies narrowband UVB (NB-UVB) with a wavelength of 311-313 nanometers. The different wavelengths correspond to different colors. 

As technology advances, at-home devices have become more popular, accessible and easier to get.

It is true that efficacy varies depending on the dose of the light source. The dose used at aesthetician and dermatologist offices is stronger than that applied by at-home devices, but the latest has proven to be effective when used regularly and consistently. Again, the key is perseverance when using the device. 

The most commonly used wavelengths are red and blue colors.

Basically, blue light is a short waveband that directly attacks bacteria causing acne, while red light goes deeper in the skin to fight inflammation. The treatment has proven to be safe, with no side-effects. Efficacy when treating acne conditions also varies depending on the type of acne to be treated. Blue light therapy kills a bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes which is the cause of one type of acne and there are a lot of factors that take part in this condition. However, results have shown that the combination of both red and blue lights is more effective for the treatment of mild to severe acne.

You may want to check out Spark Photon LED Beauty Tech which has the perfect combination of LED light. Its benefits include collagen stimulation. Collagen is an essential protein necessary needed to maintain a healthy, soft and beautiful skin. Collagen production is boosted which in turn repairs damaged tissue. Pores are minimized and its appearance is noticeably improved. In particular, acne-prone or sensitive skin types will be the most benefited from blue light therapy. Blue light soothes hypersensitive acne-prone skin while reducing inflammation. Redness is also visibly reduced, and most importantly the amount of acne-causing bacteria is brought down. Blemishes and pimples will instantly shrink, and reveal a clear skin that stays that way longer.  

LED light was originally a NASA technology.

Since these guys know what they´re doing it definitely deserves a shot. Although we may all react in different ways to treatments, those who have struggled with acne for years know that it would be a sin to disregard this great opportunity to have high-level technology at hand…and at home!